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CSR and Eiffage International Activities : Eiffage Energia

Eiffage Energia, Spanish subsidiary of Eiffage Energie, was born in 2003 and is specialized in electrical infrastructures, installations, maintenance, renewable energy, civil works and construction. Eiffage Energia has 25 offices and a workforce exceeding 1,700 employees, 6 subsidiaries, 3 in Latin America.




iffage Energia is a socially committed player that promote and comply values and ethic’s principles of Eiffage Group. Here is a selection of several action.




For more information : http://energia.eiffage.es/fr/valeurs-et-principes/

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Social Responsibility Policy

Year after year Eiffage Energia collaborate with associations and foundations for people with physical disabilities such as AMIAB (Association for people with disabilities in the province of Albacete) and the ASLA foundation that stems from ASPRONA, a non-profit association whose mission is "to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families."

The successful integration into Spanish society and culture of foreign employees is another priority for us, having employees of more than fourteen nationalities, carrying out support and protection tasks from the time of their arrival in the company.

Equality between men and women is another of our priorities, equal treatment and opportunities materialised in the Eiffage Energía's Equality Plan II, published in the B:O:E: (Spanish Official Gazette) on 13 April 2015.

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Health and safety policy


The management is committed to lead and safeguard the system for occupational risk prevention that complies with current legislation and internal procedures of Eiffage, as well as the OHSAS 18001 standard, occupational health and safety management system.

Eiffage Energia rigorously implement:

  • The identification, assessment and effective control of risks associated with work in order to minimise accidents and occupational diseases.
  • The adequacy between the employee and his/her work post through monitoring his/her health.
  • The planning of preventive activity, which includes the necessary measures of prevention and protection and the continuous monitoring of its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The training of the employees in the prevention of occupational risks.

The criteria for occupational health and safety are set out in our management system for occupational risk prevention, integrated into the company's activities and at all its hierarchical levels. We promote a culture of prevention through the education and training of the workers, as well as in the coordination of activities with our customers and our subcontractors.

With the revision of the occupational risk prevention system we offer maintenance and continuous improvement of the prevention system, setting objectives and targets, which are periodically reviewed along with this policy.


Awards for Excellence in Health and Safety 

Eiffage Energia have a program where excellent conduct are rewarded, from the point of view of health and safety at work.

The various company managers are involving in the task of conducting health and safety inspections for their production units, by conducting exhaustive inspections in order to reward the safest ones and to correct the conduct of those workers or groups who do not comply with the requirements for achieving excellence.

Environmental Policy

Eiffage Energia environmental commitments are describe in the System of Environmental Management certified ISO 14001.

In particular, the commitments intend to:

  • reduce of raw materials and non-renewable energies ;
  • develop new technologies that favour the efficient management of resources and consumption of clean energy and that reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Environmental indicators to measure the environmental performance of the organisation developing improvement plans that reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. Among these indicators, the controls of raw material consumption, waste management and the inventory of CO2 emission to the atmosphere can be highlighted.


Energy managment

Eiffage Energia promote and developpe activities assigned to efficient energy management as a differentiating factor.

For this reason, workers and suppliers are aware of the importance of the efficient and responsible use and consumption of energy.

Currently Eiffage Energia is developing energy studies of your centres, to be able to commence the certification ISO 50001.


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Renewable Energy

Eiffage Energía put at its customers' disposal our technological capabilities at any stage of a wind or photovoltaic project, from engineering, design, construction, operation and maintenance, which include all the usual services of an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) type contract.

Wind Energy

 Eiffage Energia is leader in the implementation of wind energy projects and one of the pioneer companies in the construction of the first wind farms built in Spain and other countries in the world.

Eiffage Energia give a global service in which we include civil works, electromechanical works and all the electrical infrastructures necessary for the extraction of the energy generated.

Solar Energy

 Eiffage Energia has extensive experience in implementing solar projects and is specialised in 360º projects, covering the design of installations, the supply of materials needed for their construction (modules, inverters, structure, etc.), the civil works and the optimisation of the photovoltaic systems to achieve maximum profitability.

Our technical team's experience is synonymous with quality and success in any project.