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Since 2008, the Eiffage Foundation has supported projects facilitating the integration of people facing problems of social exclusion. 


eeking to promote civic-minded initiatives by the Group’s employees and retirees, the foundation supports most of the socially oriented projects they volunteer for. Eiffage does not implement a systematic voluntary work programme but provides backing for its employees in their actions for good causes

The projects selected by the foundation’s selection committee lie at the crossroads between labour, social, and environmental issue. The Foundation supports more than 150 projects in the fields of training, employment, housing, sport and access to culture – all of which offer levers for finding or returning to work.

Employees’ projects

Current and retired Group employees are closely involved in the foundation’s work, sponsoring projects, helping them get underway and assessing their performance. More than 100 projects are considered every year. The foundation's committee meets three times a year to decide which projects should be supported.

The 23 projects supported by the Foundation in 2015 represented a financial commitment of more than €270,000.


Foundation meeting: Housing as a lever for work integration. What driving forces should be set in motion ?


event 2016
 ©Gérard Tordjman

In November 2015, the Foundation held a morning session to discuss the topic of housing as a lever for work integration and the driving forces that should be set in motion. The Foundation invited associations, federations, companies and employees to discuss this subject which is one of its priority area of action.

Two main ideas emerged from these morning discussions which were attended by more than 75 participants. While more than 10 million people are affected by the housing crisis, the solution of   transitional housing facilities was put forward as a means of continuing to build bridges between the activities of associations and businesses


Multi-year projects

By decision of its Board of Directors, the Eiffage Foundation is also establishing more ambitious multi-year partnerships (three years) centred on innovative or outstanding projects to help poor people. This year, for example, the Foundation is supporting the ATD Fourth World association for its experimental "zero long-term unemployment areas" project which is the subject of a draft bill.

It has also formed a partnership with the Passeport Avenir association to help young people from poor areas to train for engineering jobs with the support of volunteer employees. It is also supporting the Habitat et Humanisme association for the construction of an intergenerational housing scheme in Jouy-en-Josas for 80 residents facing social integration problems.

A partnership with Fondation du BTP for an addiction prevention campaign targeting young employees on Eiffage work sites in the Rhône-Alpes region – which was renewed in 2015 – is continuing in 2016.



     Planet Adam – Women entrepreneurs forum ©Planet'Adam 

Examples of projects in 2015

The "Jardins du Volvestre" association: Pooling the produce of three market gardens in the "Jardins de Cocagne" network in Haute-Garonne 

Every year, this association helps 30 unemployed people get back to work through organic market gardening and green spaces maintenance projects.

This year, the three "Jardins de Cocagne" market gardens in France’s Haute-Garonne department decided to pool their harvest in order to optimise their yields. This experimental project, supported by the Eiffage Foundation, will enable them to reduce their facilities’ operating costs.

©Gabriel Nogué  


Women entrepreneurs in Marseille’s northern districts 

Planet Adam campaigns to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and supports people starting businesses in poorer districts of Marseille.

The Foundation helps that association organise a forum dedicated to female entrepreneurs, which attracted 150 people on the work site of the Smartseille ecodistrict on 24 September 2015. The aim is to provide 30 people with assistance for between one and eight months and the creation of 10 new businesses after one year.

A training work site provides 10 long-term unemployed people with training in heritage restoration professions in Alpes-de-Haute- Provence 

For 13 years, Acta Vista has been taking in long-term unemployed people on career development programmes on its heritage restoration work sites.

The Foundation provides assistance for the restoration of “Jardins de la Tour” site in Castellane. Ten local people on back-to-work schemes worked on this project to obtain professional qualifications (equivalent to the French CAP professional diploma in historic building masonry).


Experiment to provide sustainable access to accommodation in private sector housing in Gironde

This association helps underprivileged people by providing social support and housing possibilities.

The Foundation is backing an experimental project to provide 15 social housing units in private sector property (via an intermediary setup) for three years. The twofold aim is to enhance the energy performance of buildings with an EPC rating below C in order to cut energy bills for low-income households and to allow tenants to signs leases in their own names through an agreement that is binding on the property owner

Convergence – 2014 photo contest ©Morgane Hellouin (Eiffage Construction)