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The biomass cogeneration plant in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) ©Bertrand Béchard

A tailored carbon footprint

Eiffage offers a wide range of specific and innovative technical solutions in response to the strategic, socio-economic and environmental challenge of reducing energy consumption.  

Energy services 

The Eiffage Group boasts expertise in many areas of energy performance such as optimising industrial processes, urban equipment, property and related works. From construction work to operation and maintenance, the Energy division is at the forefront.

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The Eiffage Energie Operation and Maintenance business line continues to develop its activities and strengthen and organise its teams. New tools and positions are created to respond to new energy management issues facing customers, including Energy Experts, Energy Managers and eco-coordinators. 

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Eiffage Energie thus develops a global offer for property managers and their facilities (industrial, commercial, social housing providers) based on energy saving and efficiency. 

Five pillars underpin the programme: 

  • energy and property audit,
  • energy monitoring,
  • operation and maintenance and facility management,
  • energy coaching and,
  • the guarantee of long-term energy performance and proposed financing solutions (white certificates, European and national subsidies, etc.).

Customers benefit from many advantages including installation of smart sensors, interoperable computing solutions and experience in ISO 50 001 energy management systems. The solutions rolled out since 2012 by Eiffage E´nergie Val-de-Loire for the operation and maintenance of 19 secondary schools in the Centre region of France managed under Energy Performance Contracts have already proven their worth. Feedback reveals a 6,502 teq.CO2 reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (64.1% of initial emissions), i.e. the equivalent of 12 schools. 

© Expercité® Bluevista

Eiffage Energie's Expercité® offer provides energy saving support for local authorities in France and Benelux, particularly within the framework of energy performance contracts. 


Energy coaching tools

Eiffage Energie Services has tested an energy coaching solution at the Eiffage Energie Thermie Atlantique site (Bègles).
The system comprises a box and a set of autonomous sensors that automatically connect to the box to transmit consumption and comfort data (temperatures, air quality, gas, luminosity, presence, sunlight, pressure, flow, etc.). The aim is to test the efficiency and ease of implementing this kind of solution with a view to developing a customer offer.

In 2011, Clemessy began investing in R&D to improve its GTB offer (technical building management). A seven-strong unit is now dedicated to energy efficiency in industry and the commercial sector. In 2014, an "Energy efficiency" training course was introduced for employees, to meet their customers' requirements.

Clemessy continues to promote its ClemSEE offer to hospitals, local authorities and universities.

In 2015, the company won a large contract with the Ministry of Defence for the remote reading of 2,000 electricity meters at the naval base in Toulon. This contract particularly features new "low bandwidth" radio technology solutions based on the 169MHz frequency.
Clemessy is pursuing this approach by testing the LoRa low bandwidth network to meet its industrial customers' energy issues.

Clemessy also delivers a maintenance solution for industrial customers to improve the energy efficiency of their existing engine fleet. Machinery design work can generate up to 5% energy savings compared to the initial installation. The investment, determined for each machine, is generally recouped within five years and the improved design secures longer machine life while reducing maintenance times and costs.

The chapter on Industrial Activities presents more Group expertise for industry.


Thermography and energy savings

Dynae, a Clemessy subsidiary specialised in thermography, responds to demand from local authorities and property managers for thermal diagnoses of roofs, buildings and heating networks. Data acquisition is performed by airborne equipment – thermal cameras, substations, GPS, mapping tools, etc.) - flying over sites to be studied. "Hot" spots detected during these investigations are analysed to assess heat losses on structures and take the appropriate energy saving measures. In 2016, Dynae acquired a UAV to facilitate access to façades, roofs and solar panels.


©Dynae Eiffage Energie.
Tour D2 skyscraper in La De´fense (Hauts-de-Seine) ©Eiffage


Through its façade engineering subsidiaries, Eiffage Métal has cutting-edge expertise in complex enclosures and façades allowing it to propose a particularly innovative and high-performance commercial offer.

Several subsidiaries have for example worked in La Défense (92) on two outstanding architectural achievements with remarkable energy performances: two thousand panels with complex dimensions forming the double skin façade designed by Goyer for the Majunga tower; and the honeycomb metal structure of Tour D2 built by Iemants.

Enhancing our customers' energy potential and encouraging a circular economy 

Biomass heating and cogeneration are attractive energy solutions that the Eiffage Énergie teams fully master, from design to maintenance.

Eiffage Thermie Centre-Est, with support from an Infrastructures division establishment, contributes to improving the energy potential of Port Jérôme waste-to-energy plant and to the local circular economy. A 3km-long underground pipe-in-pipe network created for the distribution of superheated steam, the installation of a new back-pressure turbo-alternator unit of approximately 3.9 MWe and new related connections –to retain power production on site and cover its self-supply in the event of plant shutdown-, have enabled SEVEDE to power an industrial facility, covering almost 70% of its energy requirements.

As another example, Eiffage Énergie Thermie Centre- Est improved the performance of the waste-to-energy plant in Labeuvrière by installing a condensing turbo-alternator for power production. The steam is used for the plant's own needs and those of the neighbouring plant (40,000 MWh/year). Thanks to the turbo-alternator unit, it also covers the electricity requirements of 3,000 homes (19,000 MWh/year will be sold to ErDF).

Benchmark achievements in new and renovated buildings

Both in new constructions and renovation work, projects carried out by the specifically demanded Construction and Energy divisions boast exemplary energy features earning them quality labels (BBC® in particular) and certification (including HQE®). Other divisions also contribute to major energy efficiency projects.

campus Pierre Berger
Pierre Berger Campus ©Eiffage

The design of the Pierre Berger Campus, home to Eiffage headquarters in Vélizy-Villacoublay since September 2015, sets an example. The campus not only carries the Eiffinergie + label, it has also earned BREEAM Excellent certification and ranked best HQE building of France for 2015.

The project applied the HQVie® approach, particularly the 'energitecture' concept combining architectural excellence and energy performance. The principle consists in giving priority to energy saving by work done on the building's orientation, an ultra-high-performance double-skin envelope with integrated blinds, external insulation and use of triple glazing.

This energy saving solution is completed by use of renewable energies, particularly roof-top thermal solar panels for domestic hot water and recovery of residual energy from lifts and servers.

Other exemplary achievements are described in the chapter on "Sustainable building"