View of the Khan Shatyr from the Astainable® interactive demonstrator ©Eiffage–Egis–Engie–Enodo–Pierre Gautier Architecture–Atelier Villes & Paysages

The sustainable city 3D demonstrators : from Astainable© to Urbainable©


In 2014, Phosphore achieved an international breakthrough with the Astainable® project (from the words sustainable and Astana), which embodies the French sustainable cities offering for the export market. 


Astainable : la modélisation 3D des scénarios urbanistiques d'Astana à l'horizon 2030


In the first initiative carried out under the Vivapolis umbrella brand, the request for proposals issued on 26 July 2013 by France's Foreign Trade Ministry and the Treasury and Economic Policy Department (DGTPE) aimed to provide a virtual shop window, contextualised in a real-life location, for the full spectrum of French industrial, technical and technological expertise available to support the emergence of a sustainable city.


The contract was awarded to Astainable®, a consortium led by Eiffage in partnership with EGIS, ENGIE, Poma, Suez Environnement, Enodo and PGA. The consortium’s role is to promote French excellence in the various "bricks" that make  up a sustainable city, including ecomobility, energy expertise, responsible water and waste management, sustainable construction, digital and information technologies, and farming and nature in urban environments.

This initiative is providing considerable exposure for exportable French solutions by adopting use cases and configurations that reflect the requirements of a real-life location, namely Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan and an iconic example of a modern city subject to the pressures associated with strong appeal and booming expansion.

Ecomobility - View from the Astainable® interactive demonstrator ©Eiffage–Egis–Engie–Enodo–Pierre Gautier Architecture–Atelier Villes & Paysages

The project, featuring a 3D image-based urban design software application, uses a digital platform to provide an immersive experience that helps viewers to understand how the proposed technical and technological solutions will be used. The project was launched in February 2014 and the platform will be handed over to the commissioning public authorities and the public agencies that will use it, such as the French development agency (AFD) and Ubifrance, during the second quarter of 2015. Astainable® will be presented at the international economic forum in Astana in May 2015.


Why Astana ?

Astana, which has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, was chosen after consultation with the French public authorities, taking into account both the intense pressure to which the city is subject as a result of its rapid urban growth (+ 250 % in 10 years) and the city authority's desire to shift to an attractive sustainable urban development model. In addition, Astana is to host the Expo-2017 International Exhibition, with Future Energy as its theme.


Pioneering the French vision of the sustainable city

French expertise, both from a design perspective (planning, architecture and engineering considerations) and in terms of the proposed products and services, is of a sufficiently high standard to generate profitable activity that is sustainable from all points of view.


View of the Khan Shatyr from the Astainable® digital demonstrator ©Eiffage–Egis–Engie–Enodo–Pierre Gautier Architecture–Atelier Villes & Paysages - Poma


Through Astainable®, the Group is helping to shape the French vision of the sustainable city, characterised by three factors: 

  • An all-round systemic analysis, taking into consideration all aspects of the sustainable city, to comprehensively determine requirements and identify synergies between or side effects of investments before they are made. Such impacts may relate to ecomobility, housing, energy, waste, urban wildlife, industry, materials, services, etc.
  • Respect for location engineering and the in-depth diagnostic audit of the urban project site, in order to deliver multiple responses to its climate-related, geographical, cultural, human and economic characteristics. Understanding the location also means anticipating sociological shifts, such as foreseeable changes in the need for housing and urban services attributable to socioeconomic factors such as divorce rates, life expectancy, increasing self-employment, teleworking, etc.
  • Top priority for usage and quality of life, and to the use of new technologies for the benefit of residents: making a city sustainable implies making its inhabitants’ quality of life the focal point of the approach, rather than promoting technical solutions for their own sake. The overall urban solution can be enhanced by taking the behavioural dimension into consideration and choosing solutions that favour social cohesion.
AstainableIndustrial area - View from the Astainable® digital demonstrator ©Eiffage–Egis–Engie–Enodo–Pierre Gautier Architecture–Atelier Villes & Paysages


An unprecedented, innovative organisation

One of the main objectives of the Astainable® project is to create a French industrial club for sustainable cities. This will be achieved by targeting all business sectors that contribute to the "bricks" comprising a sustainable city, as well as identifying organisations that are able to rally partner companies around Astainable® goals by acting as official intermediaries between partners and the consortium. 

The structure, operation and goals of competitiveness centres and clusters are totally compatible with the Astainable® Industrial Club.


The Industrial Club

The Industrial Club launched in 2014 includes competitiveness clusters, technology research centres, business clusters and companies of all sizes from all regions of France. Members contribute to the various themes associated with sustainable cities and are willing to present the solutions promoted through the software platform. The only requirement is that such solutions must be French, in the sense that they correspond to jobs based in France. 

In 2014, the Astainable® Industrial Club had members from 16 different competitiveness clusters.

Acteurs Projet

19 October 2015 : export the "french-brand sustainable city" presentation of Astainable®


E. Macron
Emmanuel Macron  ©Cyrille Dupont

A few weeks prior to the COP 21, Pierre Berger, CEO of Eiffage, Nicolas Jachiet, CEO of EGIS and Gérard Mestrallet, CEO of ENGIE presented Astainable® on October 19, 2015 at the Maison de la Chimie, Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the Economy, industry and digital affairs concluded the event.

This event served as an opportunity to:
- expose the advantages of the innovative digital sustainable city demonstrator,
- explain the principles of " the French vision of sustainable city "
- listen to the Astainable® Industrial Club member companies and clusters


The tool was distributed to the various institutional and economic agents to present the French know-how in sustainable city development. 



Programme de l'évènement du 19 octobre 2015


From Libreville to Urbainable®


The conference was the occasion to hear the testimonies from a variety of the project's actors and to expose the issues and topics of Astainable®.

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