Walking man –Photo competition 2012 – ©Aurélie Le Moigne (branche Infrastructures)

Supporting operational departments...

Sustainable development can only be effective in the company, and therefore legitimate, if it is closely linked to the operational sphere and can leverage real change in activities.

The Eiffage Sustainable Development department, which reports directly to the CEO, organises change management with the divisions, by integrating sustainable development into know-how. 


Lake of water lilies - Photo competition 2014 ©Bertrand Lamblin (Eiffage Energie)

Group Sustainable Development Department

Following the relocation of the head offices of the various divisions and the holding company to the Pierre Berger campus in Vélizy-Villacoublay, the various sustainable development departments, previously distributed across the divisions and the holding company, have similarly been merged, to enhance synergies and to strengthen operational links by introducing coordinators from all of the Group's business lines:

  • The CSR section is tasked with assessing the Group's non-financial performance and helping to promote CSR initiatives. It works with the "business sections" to support operational departments with regulatory watch and joint development of training materials relating to sustainable development issues such as carbon, biodiversity, the sustainable construction methodology, etc.
  • The business sections (Infrastructure Activities section and Construction/Energy Business Deployment section) are responsible for environmental and sustainable development aspects of their respective divisions' commercial activities, as well as disseminating Group policies and training and leading division-level environment networks.
  • The Sustainable Engineering section provides expertise in the area of environmental risk management throughout the project life cycle, from the initial request for proposals to implementation, and for sites already in operation. This section also specialises in including biodiversity considerations in large infrastructure projects.
  • The Development section is in charge of innovations directly relating to operational sustainable development. For example, it marshals the Group's offering based on the "Sustainable city 3D digital demonstrator", integrates and develops 3D modelling expertise and manages industrial partnerships connected with emerging markets.

Internal representation

The Sustainable Development department:

  • articipates in the Group's Management Council, which meets eight times a year;
  • at the request of the CEO, sometimes attends Group Executive Committee meetings which include the CEO, the division chairs, the deputy CEO in charge of Concessions and the Chief Financial Officer.



The sustainable development network 

The unified Sustainable Development department consists of 22 experts working in the various sections, whose collective training and experience is sufficiently diverse to implement a systemic, integrated sustainable development strategy.

Representatives from the Construction-Energy and Infrastructures Activities business lines regularly dialogue with the networks of regional environmental experts embedded with the Group's operational entities, in order to share knowledge, coordinate action, maintain a high level of commitment, and provide technical and regulatory support for commercial activities.

Together – Photo competition 2013 ©Hervé Mottais (Eiffage Metal)